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E21 Hydraulic Press Brake Machine for Sale

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Product Description

The Main Feature

 The hydraulic press brake machine is in sheet plate welded structure, entire welded frame ,with internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology ,high strength and good rigidity of machine

 Double hydraulic oil cylinder is applied for upper transmission, provided with mechanical limit stopper and synchronous torsion bar, typical of stable and reliable operation, as well as high precision

 Electrical control and manual fine-tuning mode are adopted for distance of rear stopper and stroke of gliding block ,and fitted with digital display device ,easy and quick in use

 Slider stroke adjusting device and back gauge device: electric quick adjusting, manual micro adjusting, digital display, easy and quick in use

 The machine has inch, single, continuous mode specifications, commutation, dwell time can be controlled by time relay

 Safety railing ,door-open power -off device

 Mechanical synchrony torsion bar, to keep the left -right balance movement

 Mechanical wedge partial compensation structure

 Japan NOK original imported master cylinder seals

Hydraulic System

 Hydraulic system is from Bosch -Rexroth, Germany.
When the oil comes out from the pump, all the way into the pressure cylinder first presses the sheet material, and another routing time relay controls the delay to enter the left cylinder upper chamber for about 2 seconds. The oil in the lower cylinder of the left cylinder is forced into the upper cylinder upper chamber and the right cylinder lower chamber. Oil back to the tank. The return stroke is reversed by the solenoid valve


Estun E21 Controller

● Numerical, one page programming

● Monochrome LCD Box Panel.

● Integral factor programmable freely

● Automatic positioning control 

● Spindle allowance offset

● Safety railing ,door-open power -off device

Optional controller 


The clamp adopts 42 CrMo material for international use, and all cutting edges are made by single grinding, which can guarantee the same mold angle and the same height of the R angle.

Reduces the loss of working time and increases efficiency


The whole machine is in a welded sheet structure,


with internal tension eliminated by vibration aging technology, high strength and good rigidity of the bending press machine. The long service life of the machine is ensured.


2.LED light, it is easier and safer when the environment is dark for the operator

Multifunctional mold ,can meet different angles


EMP pipe


High quality oil pipe joint is reliable, reliable sealing, large oil capacity, small pressure loss

And reduce the possibility of oil leakage


Germany Bosch Rexroth

Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve block

hydraulic transmission with high reliablility, integrated hydrauic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid

It is safe, accurate and efficient.

Siement Motor 

It can improve the lifespan and keep machine working in low noise environment.

HIWIN ball screw and linear guide

Reduce drive torque and improve transmission efficiency, ensure the positioning accuracy

Sliding front support 

Linear rail ensures convenient sliding of front plate support arms

Schneider Electric Components

It conforms to international standards, is safe and reliable, has a long service life, and has strong anti-interference ability. The electrical cabinet is equipped with a cooling device.




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