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Best Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Hydraulic ironworker machines are also called hydraulic punch shears. They are machine tools that are used for shearing, forming, notching, bending, cutting, and hole punching for metals, steel plates, angle iron, bar stocks, and pipes. These machines offer various advantages such as low energy consumption, simple operation, and low maintenance cost. 


A hydraulic ironworker is a versatile, multistation metal fabricating machine that tackles several different tasks. It is a three-in-one machine that combines the functions of punching, notching, and shearing. The workstations can work singly or simultaneously and all tooling moves vertically. They vary in size and capacity and are available as single or dual operator systems. Their convenience, ease of use, and function have made them a staple in many fabrication environments.


The hydraulic ironworker machine for sale is normally powered hydraulically. The punching and shearing machine which can cut, punch, notch, and bend all kinds of materials such as plate, flat bar, square bar, round bar, equal, angle, channel, I-beam, and so on. Hydraulic ironworker machines can be preferred equipment for metal processing in manufacturing industries such as electric power, aerospace & defense, communications, metallurgy, and bridges. Furthermore, hydraulic ironworkers form an important part of fabrication shops and commercial manufacturing facilities.  


As China top 10 hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers, Zhongrui hydraulic ironworker machines give metal fabricators outstanding quality, innovative features, and range from 65 to 250 tons. Zhongrui ironworker machine for sale provides quality work, savings in machine set-up time, versatility through a wide range of tooling, and superior factory engineering and support. 


Hydraulic Ironworker Machine for Sale

Q35 Series hydraulic combined punching & shearing machine can cut and punch all kinds of materials such as plate, square bar, angle, round bar, channel ,I-beam and so on .

hydraulic ironworker from zhongrui has been designed and builds to the highest quality standards in the industry. The profitable machines will server any grueling fabrication shop for decades to come.

Main Standard Components of Hydraulic Ironworker

● Five sets of punch and blades

● Dual independent hydraulic cylinder

● Hydraulic fuel tanks

● Hydraulic System

● Central lubricating system

● Electrical component


● Electric back gauge

● Motor

● Temperature cooling system

● Automatic Holding System

● Dual Footswitch

● Indicators on both hydraulic cylinders


Stations of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

Punching station

Different sizes of punched and dies are provided. The punching station can create a variety of holes other than round, such as oblong or square. Punching is silent, powerful, and efficient. 


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Notching station

The notching station is ideal for notching angle iron and steel plate. The notching station is fitted as standard with a rectangular notch table with adjustable backstops. The position ruler on the worktable can help the operator to get different sizes slots. Electrical interlock safety guard and 3 gauging stops for precise positioning.


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Angle cutting station

The angle cutting station can cut any size of angle steel which length is within the max capacity. can cut several types of 45° - 90° angle sections efficiently. Angles between 45° and 90° can be achieved by first cutting at 90° and then flange trimming to the required angle in the shearing station.


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Shearing station

The shearing station can cut a wide range of metal plate thicknesses with different widths usually from 12” to 30”. The shearing unit is fitted with a simple robust hold down which is adjustable to any thickness of material within the cutting capacity of the machine. The shear feed table with adjustable guides is fitted to allow accurate feeding of materials. 


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Section cutting station

The machines are fitted as standard with blades for cutting round and square bars. The metal shear station has been equipped with simple and sturdy fixing mechanisms that can be adjusted for any steel thickness depending on the cutting capacity of the machine. By changing the blades you can also U-I or T sections. We provide special blades.


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Main Features of Hydraulic Ironworker

● Quick-change tooling

● The robust and accurate steel frame has a long life service.

● Automatic hold-downs - The hold-downs work automatically, eliminating the need for time-consuming adjustments between cuts.

● Oversized work tables with scales and adjustable guides for repeatable results.


● Heavy-duty stop rod system for the shearing station that minimizes waste and increases precision.

● Ergonomics—Convenient work height and visibility for all stations. The single work height also provides added benefits when using roller feed tables.


The Advantages of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

● Saving time and space

A hydraulic ironworker machine is a three-in-one machine that combines the functions of punching, notching, and shearing. By having the ability to perform multiple processes on one machine, ironworkers save time, increasing efficiency. Hydraulic ironworkers also can come with multiple tooling options that can be quickly changed, resulting in time saved. Instead of having three machines for three specific tasks, ironworkers allow you to complete all these processes in one location. This can create more valuable space in a fabrication shop.


Saving cost

Buy one hydraulic ironworker is less expensive than to purchase three other machines. Hydraulic Ironworker machine for sale can also save money as a result of their smaller space requirement, faster operation speeds, and waste saving benefits.


Waste Reducing

An ironworker will allow the operator to get closer to the work whether it is punching, shearing, notching, or a forming job, thereby improving the precision and the quality of the work. 


The Applications of Hydraulic Ironworker

● Steel structure processing

● Elevator car and parts processing

● Trailer - spare tire, trailer hinge, hook, Zhuang, tile board

● Construction machinery industry - belt machine, mixing station on the processing

● Agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry - threshing rack body, trailer body parts processing

● Food industry machinery - slaughtering equipment rack and parts processing


● High-voltage tower components processing

● Wind power equipment -  wind power tower stairs and pedal parts processing

● Machining - Building embedding parts/conveyor supports and other parts processing

● Grain Machinery - Cereals and Oils Equipment Starch equipment bracket, shell, small pieces of processing

● Railway wagon/car, crane parts processing

● Channel, square steel, bar, H steel, I-beam, and other steel cutting, punching, bending


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