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Hydraulic Punching Machine

A Hydraulic Punching Machine for Sale is a machine tool for punching and embossing flat sheet-materials to produce form-features needed as a mechanical element and/or to extend the static stability of a sheet section. It is applicable to punch thick copper, aluminum, flat steel, angle steel, and other metal materials. 

Punching is a metal forming process that uses a punch press to force a tool, called a punch, through the workpiece to create a hole via shearing. Punch presses are developed for high flexibility and efficient processing of metal stampings. The main areas of application are for small and medium runs. Those sheet metal punching machines for sale are typically equipped with a linear die carrier (tool carrier) and quick change tools. Today the method is used where the application of lasers is inefficient or technically impractical. 

Hydraulic Punching Machine can be used to cut holes of any shapes in materials. There are multiple types of Sheet Punching Machines used to cut holes on metal sheets such as MS/SS/Aluminium/Copper/Brass etc. The hydraulic punch press can also punch Angle, I-beam, Plates and C Channel. Punching Shapes can include oblong hole punching, slot hole punching, round hole punching, and square hole punching and many others as required.

Zhongrui is top10 professional hydraulic punching machine manufacturers in China, providing a hydraulic punching machine for sale, sheet metal punching machine for sale, and the industrial punching machine. Our hydraulic punch press for sale is versatility and can make several functions as punching operations in metal sheet, flat bar, pipe, angle, U-T-UPN-IPN profiles, folding, cutting, inlaying, punching, bending sheets, stamping. It can be suitable for any other kind of tooling. The sheet punching machine is mainly used in steel, large steel mills, bridges, heavy industry, shipbuilding, and other industries.

Zhongrui is successfully meeting the varied requirements of our clients by providing the best quality range of Hydraulic Punching Machine for Sale.

1.Steel plate welded c frame body, heat treatment, produced by cnc boring and milling center, high rigidity, accuracy and stability;

2.Wet type pneumatic clutch with safety solenoid valve, lower noise and longer service life.

3. Best quality gears, bushes, cylinders, link rods and ball screw ensure the high performance, high reliability and longer service life.

4. Hydraulic overload protected system is standard equipped. The press will stop with oil pressure release if overload to protect the press and the die. It is easy to reset to normal status.

5. The hydraulic punch and shear machine adopts pneumatic balancing device design method greatly ensures the relative stability of the machine operation. Molding accuracy up to 0.1mm, safe, portable, reliable.

6. Adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake. 

7 . Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.

8 . Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.

9 . Six-face rectangular lengthened guide,CP1-315B/400B with eight –face lengthened guide

10. Electric compelling grease lubrication system. 

11. Balancing cylinders adopts manual lubrication system. 

12.  One set of blowing device.


● C-frame Casting fuselage, maximum rigidity and minimum deflection for accurate parts and long tool life. body can be tilted, high rigidity and less deformation Compact. Thick plates and large columns provide you with the stable platform you need for your demanding application.

● The hydraulic punching machine use rigid rotated bond clutch rigid and well supported. The clutch gives continuous strokes for mass production.

● Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel machined to close accuracy and fitted in bronze bushes for smooth working, longer life & accuracy.

● Properly sized flywheel is made of high grade cast iron, for storing and releasing adequate energy for the pressing operations, and properly balanced for smooth running.

● Gear is of steel cast or fabricated. Gear teeth are generated by precision hobbling machine.

● Rigid construction guarantees exact die mating, Six side long rectangle guides of the slide with high moving precision and high accuracy, extending the service life of the die.

● Machine is with both hands button and foot switch control: anti-tie down, non-repeat controls with ring guards; conforms t o OSHA.

● Protective fence and the safety interlock to ensure the operation safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal switch, easy to operate.

Hydraulic Punching Machine Principle

The concept of punching designates a slitting process in which a sheet is severed in one stroke. Shapes such as round holes are created in the part, and external contours are cut with single strokes.

A hydraulic punch press works like a hole punch for paper.  The sheet punching machine presses the paper against the support of the hole punch and finally into a round opening. The scrap from the punching collects in the hole punch container.

Hydraulic Punching Machine for Sale works exactly the same way:  the sheet is positioned between the punch and the die.  The punch moves downward and plunges into the die. The edges of the punch and the die move past each other in parallel, cutting the sheet.

The punch design principle is to convert the circular motion into a linear motion, driven by the main motor to drive the flywheel, then drive the operation of gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod through clutch for the purpose of achieving the linear motion of a slider.

The punching process proceeds in four phases. When the punch touches the sheet, the sheet is deformed. Then it is cut. Finally, the tension within the material is so great that the sheet breaks along the contour of the cut. The cutout piece of the sheet - the so-called punching slug - is ejected downward.  When the punch travels upward again, it can happen that it pulls the sheet along.  In that case, the stripper releases the sheet from the sheet punching machine.


Types of Punching Machine

● By slider motion

According to the slider movement mode, there are single-action. double-action, three-action punches, etc., but the most used one is a single-action sheet punching machine of a slider. The double-action and three-action sheet metal punch presses are mainly used in the car body and large-scale machining parts. 

● By driving force 

According to the driving force of the slider, it can be divided into the mechanical type and hydraulic type. so, according to the driving force of the use, the punching machine is divided into

(1) Mechanical punching machine

(2) Hydraulic punching machine

In general, sheet metal stamping processing most uses mechanical punching. According to the use of different liquids, the hydraulic punching machine for sale is divided into oil pressure punch and water pressure punch. Currently, the use of oil pressure press accounted for the majority while water pressure punch is used for giant machinery or special machinery. 

● By slider driven mechanism

(1) Crank punch press machine

The press that uses the crankshaft mechanism is called the crank punching machine, most of the mechanical punch uses this mechanism. The reason for using the crankshaft mechanism is that it is easy to make, and it is possible to correctly determine the lower end of the stroke and the slider activity curve is basically applicable to various processing.

Therefore, this type of stamping is applied to punching, bending, stretching, hot forging, inter temperature forging, cold forging, and almost all other punch processing.

(2) Clankless punch press machine

No crankshaft punch, also known as eccentric gear punch. The shaft rigidity, lubrication, appearance and maintenance of the eccentric gear punch structure are better than the crankshaft structure. When the stroke is long, the eccentric gear punch is more favorable. The disadvantage is that the price is higher.

● By body shape

According to the type of fuselage, there are two types: open-back type C and straight-column H-type fuselage. At present, the punches used by general stampers are mostly C-type, especially small punches (150 tons). The mainframe uses the straight column type (H type).

(1)C-type punch press machine

Because the fuselage is not symmetrical, the reaction force during punching will cause deformation of the front and rear openings of the fuselage, resulting in deterioration of the parallelism of the mold, which is the biggest disadvantage. Therefore, it is generally used at about 50% of the nominal pressure. 

But due to the operation is good, the mold is close to the good, the mold easy to change and other favorable factors, the C-type punching machine is still widely loved, and the price of the machine is relatively cheap. C-type hydraulic punching machine for sale is the mainstream of the current stamping machinery. 

(2)Straight column punch press machine

The straight-column machine tool is symmetrical because it is symmetrical, so it can withstand the eccentric load during operation. However, the proximity of the mold during operation is poor. Generally, the main machine uses more than 300 tons of punches and has an integrated body. 

Advantages of Hydraulic Punching Machine

● High rigidity
● Stable high precision
● Reliable and safe operation
● Automated production, labor-saving, high efficiency
● Slider adjustment mechanism
● Novel design, environmental protection
● Better forming and drawing capabilities
● Better for smaller runs.
● Shut height variations don’t affect the force that can be applied


Applications of Hydraulic Punching Machine

The sheet metal punching machine for sale is widely used in stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, transport (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), metal parts, etc.

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