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  • Top 10 China Power Press Manufacturers

    A power press machine is a very common industrial machine used for stamping, pressing shearing, punching, forming a metal sheet or piece by means of forcefully pressing tools or dies attached to slides or rams. Today, we will introduce the top 10 China power press manufacturers (listed in no particu

  • Operation and Maintenance of CNC Sheet Metal Brake

    Operation guidance of CNC metal brake machine1. Before the operation to check the leakage maintainer, the blade is not secure power wiring is not accurate. CNC metal brake function is large and adaptable which is our can use its premise. The electrical components insulation is not flawless. The tran

  • China 40 Ton Press Brake

    30-ton press brake, 40-ton press brake, 50-ton press brake, and 80-ton press brake are small-style metal brake machines. The China 40-ton 1600mm press brake can bend 3mm thick sheet metal by 1600mm full length. In normal use, some customers will only do short bending. This smart CNC press brake mach

  • The GM of Fuji Electric, Japan came to visit and inspect Zhongrui

    Mr. Xia, Chairman of Zhongrui, Mr. Rui, Executive Director of Zhongrui, and heads of relevant departments gave a warm reception to the guests. Accompanied by the leaders of our company, the Japanese Fuji Electric team first visited the Zhongrui Raymax Laser production workshop and also led a tour of

  • China Press Brake Bending Machine Mold

    Anhui zhongrui integrates the design and manufactures all kinds of tools for CNC sheet metal brake machines and thick or thin turret punch presses. We have won a leading position in this industry. Our superior craftsmanship in manufacturing press brake tools will make you be the best fabricator in t

  • Top 10 Guillotine Shearing Machine Manufacturers

    As a commonly used cutting equipment, the guillotine shearing machine is suitable for the construction of some aircraft, the construction of engineering units, shipbuilding, small bridge vehicles, and some light industry and metallurgy industries. Guillotine shearing machines have brought great resu

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