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factory directly supply cnc fiber laser machine economical model

Fiber laser cutting machine main configurations

NoMain PartsSpecificationsNote
1Laser powerWater cooled laser power, standard with Raycus 750w power sourceWuhan Raycus or Max from Shenzhen or IPG From USA can optional
2Cutting headBT210Raytools China
3ChillerDual-temperature dual-controlled chillerS&A China
4Body structureIndustrialize welded machine structure, annealing treatment, one time made by CNC gantry machining center moldingSIWEI
5Transmitting rackHigh-precision grinding helical rackJINGANG
7Linear railLAPPING high grade linear railTaiwan
9Low-voltage electrical partsDeltaTaiwan
10CableHigh flexible towline dedicated shielded cableGERMANY, ECHU
11Control systemLaser cutting softwareCYPCUT/NC STUDIO(OPTIONAL)

Fiber laser machine technical parameters


Laser wavelength1080nm
Operating temperature10~40℃
Working humidity<70%
Minimum seam width0.1mm
Working size1300*2500mm
Repeat precision±0.03mm
Running speed80m/min(according to different thickness of material)
Occupied size3400*4300mm
Voltage3P 380V/50HZ 32A

1000w 2000w 3000w 3300w 4000w Metal Stainless Steel CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Main advantage for fiber laser cutting machine

4.1 Machine body structure

Using high-quality high-strength steel and welded steel frame structure, the high temperature annealing tempering process, to ensure long-term stability of the machine tool accuracy. All the linear rails and the mounting surface of the rack are machined by a large CNC gantry machining center, which ensure the installation precision and makes the machine have excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability in high-speed operation.

4.2 Transmitting parts

Domestic exclusive use of Taiwan LAPPING high-precision level, the width of the linear guide, supporting grinding helical driver, with the Taiwan Delta servo system, comparing with other equipment, our machine have fast speed, higher processing accuracy and longer service life.

4.3 Control& follow system

Using advanced professional fiber laser CNC system, with high-precision servo controller, user-friendly, easy to learn, with path optimization algorithm to ensure that in all cases can be perfect cutting. Compatible with a variety of file formats, easy to operate. The control system has the following

4.4 Fiber laser power

Optimum reliability and maintenance-free professional fiber laser, the output range of precision adjustable, photoelectric conversion efficiency of >30%, to ensure that the thickness of the plate cutting quality. Low energy consumption, energy saving, machine power consumption is the same power VAG 1/4, sheet cutting speed is YAG4 to 5 times, can significantly reduce the power consumption at work and reduce operating costs. And the laser does not need to produce gas, can be used air cutting sheet.

4.5 laser cutting head

the use of high-quality laser cutting head, with QBH collimator to ensure the beam quality, the use of imported focus lens to ensure that the cutting seam delicate. Focus is simple and accurate, sealing performance. Protection of the lens to facilitate replacement, no need to re-focus after the replacement, simple and efficient, with the imported servo drive and motor, screw drive, and the use of high-sensitivity capacitive sensor regulator, for the uneven material can automatically adjust the cutting head height, so that the laser focus and the distance between the cutting material is always consistent, to achieve perfect cutting.

4.6 Low- voltage electrical appliances and cables

Easy primary brand high flexible towline dedicated shielded cable, durable, safe and reliable, anti-interference ability.

4.7 Chiller machine

Dual-temperature dual-use large cooling capacity industrial chiller, laser and collimator and focusing mirror were controlled separately, can effectively prevent condensation and other phenomena, chiller with compressor over-current protection, flow alarm, over-temperature alarm, deionization and water temperature heating function, automatic temperature control, control accuracy within 1℃, safe and reliable.

laser pipe cutting machine 500W 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal Pipe

cutting material

Can be cut a variety of sheet metal, pipe(pipe cutting pipe plus a device can be), mainly for stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass plate, aluminum, manganese steel, various alloy plates, rare metal and other materials of the rapid cutting(materials need to configure a different fiber transmitter).


Electrical equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising signs, car decoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, metal products and other industries.