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JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine

JH21 Hydraulic Punching Machine can be used to cut holes of any shapes in materials. There are multiple types of Sheet Punching Machines used to cut holes on metal sheets such as MS/SS/Aluminium/Copper/Brass etc. The hydraulic punch press can also punch Angle, I-beam, Plates and C Channel. Punching Shapes can include oblong hole punching, slot hole punching, round hole punching, and square hole punching and many others as required.

Advantages of Hydraulic Punching Machine

● High rigidity
● Stable high precision
● Reliable and safe operation
● Automated production, labor-saving, high efficiency
● Slider adjustment mechanism
● Novel design, environmental protection
● Better forming and drawing capabilities
● Better for smaller runs.
● Shut height variations don’t affect the force that can be applied

Applications of Hydraulic Punching Machine

The sheet metal punching machine for sale is widely used in stamping and forming of electronics, communications, computers, household appliances, furniture, transport (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), metal parts, etc.

Whole structure of the Power Press

1. Steel plate welded c frame body, heat treatment, produced by cnc boring and milling center, high rigidity, accuracy and stability;

2. Wet type pneumatic clutch with safety solenoid valve, lower noise and longer service life.

3. Best quality gears, bushes, cylinders, link rods and ball screw ensure the high performance, high reliability and longer service life.

4. Hydraulic overload protected system is standard equipped. The press will stop with oil pressure release if overload to protect the press and the die. It is easy to reset to normal status.

5. The hydraulic punching machine for sale adopts pneumatic balancing device design method greatly ensures the relative stability of the machine operation. Molding accuracy up to 0.1mm, safe, portable, reliable.

6. Adopts combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake.

7 . Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.

8 . Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.

9 . Six-face rectangular lengthened guide, CP1-315B/400B with eight–face lengthened guide

10. Electric compelling grease lubrication system.

11. Balancing cylinders adopts manual lubrication system.

12. One set of blowing device.

JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine


Nominal Strokemm33445666
Slide Strokemm6080100120140160160160
Max. Die Heightmm200250270300320350350350
Die Height Adjustmentmm50506080808080110
Between Slide Center & Framemm160210230300300350350380
Bolster (FB×LR)mm300×680400×700440×810580×900580×1000680×1150680×1150740×1300
Bolster Opening (Up Hole Dia.×Dpth×Low Hole Dia.)mm130×260φ170×20
Bolster Thicknessmm7080110110120140140150
Bolster Opening (Dia./FB×LR)mm200×270260×250300×300390×460390×520420×540420×540φ470
Slide Area (FB×LR)mm270×330300×360340×410400×480420×560500×650540×680580×770
Shank Hole (Dia.×Dpth)mmφ40×60φ40×60φ40×60φ50×80φ50×80φ60×80φ60×80φ65×85
Between Columnsmm448450550560640760760850
Main Motor PowerkW335.55.57.5111115
Outline Size (FB×LR×H)mm1150×1050
Net Weightkg220026003450540070009340990014500

Controller System and Cluth

● The Press adopts the low inertia combined dry pneumatic friction clutch and brake , Smoother press performance, easier maintenance, to ensure reliable safety and flexible action Low noise, long service life.

● Driving gear is installed into the frame and gear is immersed in oil reservoir. Customer could choose Electromagnetic governor.

● Use adopts dual valve which can guarantee the safety and reliability of clutch.

● Pneumatic dual balance cylinder, which balances the slide block and punch weight to reduce noise and impact;

● The press adopts cam controller which be combined with proximity switch (Schneider)


JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine JH21 Pneumatic Punching Machine