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Fiber Laser Welding MachineADVANTAGES

1. Handheld welding head is flexible and convenient, which can realize outdoor welding.

2. High welding efficiency, 2 to 10 times faster than conventional welding.

3. The operation mode of the handheld torch enables the workpiece to be welded at any angle in any part.

4. It is suitable for spot welding of various complex welded joints and various equipment.

5. Compared with traditional welding, the weld seam is flat and beautiful, with very few defects, deeper welding depth and smaller thermal stress deformation.

6. New appearance and new function, which can be cut or welded.

7. Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.

Welding system
Improve work efficiency, the finished workpiece has beautiful appearance, small weld, large welding depth and high welding quality.
Cutting system
The cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and there is generally no need for subsequent processing; The cutting heat affected zone is small and the plate deformation is small.


Machine model
laser weld&cut machine
Laser source
laser power
1000w,1500w, 2000w
laser wave length
operate mode
continuation/ modulate
Welding speed range
0~120 mm/s
Laser pulse width
Cooling chiller
Industrial water chiller
Working environment temperature range
15~35 ℃
Humidity range of working environment
< 70% No condensation
Welding thickness recommendations
Welding gap requirements
working voltage