Safe Operation Rules of Hydraulic Power Press Machine

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1. Operators of hydraulic press machines must be trained to master equipment performance and operation techniques before they can start work.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners are firm, the running parts and the piston rod are free of obstacles, and the limit devices and safety protection devices are complete.

3. Before starting work, make an empty stroke test run for 5 minutes, check whether the buttons, switches, valves, limit devices, etc. are flexible and reliable, and check whether the oil level of the fuel tank is sufficient, the sound of the oil pump is normal, whether the hydraulic unit and pipes, joints, pistons are Leakage phenomenon. Confirm that the hydraulic system pressure is normal before starting work.

4. Before working, you should first clean up all kinds of debris on the mold and wipe off any dirt on the piston rod.

5. The mold installation of the hydraulic power press machine must be carried out under the condition of power failure, and it is forbidden to collide with the start button and touch screen.

6. Align the upper and lower molds, adjust the gap between the molds, and do not allow one side to deviate from the center. After confirming that the molds are fixed, test the pressure.

7. Start the pressure test of the equipment and check whether the pressure reaches the working pressure, whether the equipment movement is normal and reliable, and whether there is leakage.

8. Adjust the working pressure, test a piece of work, and produce it after passing the inspection.

9. For different workpieces, when press-fitting and correcting, the working pressure and pressure of the hydraulic press machine should be adjusted at any time, and the number and time of holding pressure should be adjusted, and the mold and the workpiece should not be damaged.

10. When the piston of the hydraulic power press machine slides up and down, it is strictly forbidden to extend the hand and head into the working area of the mold.

11. It is strictly forbidden to use the cylinder over stroke.

12. When the piston of the oil cylinder vibrates or the sharp noise of the oil pump and other abnormal phenomena or sounds, the industrial hydraulic press should be stopped immediately and checked. After troubleshooting, normal production can be carried out.

13. The pressed workpiece should be placed in the middle of the worktable surface and concentric with the piston rod, and be placed smoothly.

14. After the hydraulic press machine is finished, first turn off the working oil pump, then cut off the power supply. Wipe the piston rod of the press clean, add lubricating oil, clean the mold and workpiece, arrange them neatly, and make a record of inspection.

15. Smoking and naked flames are strictly prohibited around the hydraulic power press machine, and no flammable or explosive items are allowed to be stored. Fire prevention measures should be taken.