Common Faults and Troubleshooting Method for Four-column Hydraulic Press

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In the four-column hydraulic press transmission system, there are some relatively delicate parts. Although everyone feels that mechanical hydraulic transmission is labor-saving and convenient, they also feel that it is easy to damage. The reason for this is that: first, people don't understand its operating principle and structural characteristics, and then does not know how to prevent it. The four-column hydraulic press system has three fundamental "disease" elements: pollution, overheating, and ingress of air. These three unfavorable elements are closely related to each other, and if any question in between is presented, one or more other questions will occur together. The practice has proved that 75% of the hydraulic system is "pathogenic".

Movement failure

1. Insufficient electrical wiring or wrong connection

Remedy: Check the wiring according to the electrical diagram

2. Insufficient fuel tank filling

Elimination method: add oil to the oil level

Slider crawl

1. Accumulated air in the system or pump intake

Remedy: Check the suction pipe, then run up and down and pressurize repeatedly

2. Improper precision adjustment or lack of oil on the column

Remedy: re-adjust the accuracy, add oil to the column surface

Common Faults and Troubleshooting Method for Four-column Hydraulic Press

Downward pressure

1. Excessive support pressure

Elimination method: adjust the pilot valve, use a pressure not greater than 1Mpa

2. After parking, the slider slipped seriously, and the cylinder port (or piston) sealing ring leaked oil

Remedy: Check the sealing ring, if damaged, replace it

3. Pilot valve preset pressure is too small

Remedy: adjust the pressure value

4. Poor sealing of cartridge valve port

Remedy: Check the valve port and re-distribute

5. The pointer of the pressure gauge swings sharply, and there is air in the oil circuit of the pressure gauge

Remedy: loosen the joint to deflate when pressing up

6. Pipeline mechanical vibration

Remedy: Check whether the pipeline is loose, if it is loose, it will be stuck firmly

7. Damaged pressure gauge

Remedy: Replace the pressure gauge

8. The stroke speed is not enough at high speed, the upper pressure is slow, and the flow rate of the pressure compensation variable pump is too small

Elimination method: adjust according to the requirements of the oil pump

9. The pump is worn or burned

Remedy: If the oil output of the oil pump drain port is greater than 4L/min, it should be removed for maintenance

10. Oil leakage in the system

Elimination method: check the corresponding links of each part

Rapid pressure drop

1. The valve ports involved in the sealing are not tightly sealed or the pipeline leaks

Remedy: Check whether the sealing fastener of the corresponding valve is damaged, if it is damaged, replace it. Repair and weld the leaking pipeline, and press to debug whether it is normal.

2. The seal ring in the main cylinder is damaged

Remedy: replace the sealing ring

The above introduction is only a general description of the general situation. After the fault is found in the actual use process, the cause should be analyzed first, and the investigation should be done one by one. RAYMAX is a professional hydraulic press machine manufacturer in China, having the high-quality four-column hydraulic press and other metal cutting machines and providing professional technical support for our customers. If you have any needs, please contact us.