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The price of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine is higher. Therefore, as far as possible to extend the life of the fiber laser cutting machine in order to better save production costs, to win greater benefits. It can be seen that the daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC laser cutting machine is very important. Here are a few main things to illustrate:

The replacement of circulating water and the cleaning of the water tank

Before the machine work must ensure that the laser tube is full of circulating water, the water quality and water temperature of the circulating water directly affect the life of the laser tube. So replace the circulating water regularly and clean the water tank. This is best done once a week.

Protect the cleaning of the lens

The CNC fiber laser cutting machine will have some mirrors and focus ingeglasses. The laser is reflected, focused and then emitted from the laser head by these lenses. Lenses are prone to dust or other contaminants, resulting in laser loss or damage to the lens. So clean the lenses every day. While cleaning, it is important to note:

1. the lens should be gently wiped, do not damage the surface coating;

2. wipe process should be light, to prevent falling;

3. focus mirror installation must be sure to keep concave face down.

Rail cleaning

As one of the core components of the equipment, the guide and straight axis function as guidance and support. In order to ensure that the CNC fiber laser cutting machine has a high processing accuracy, it is required that its guide rails and straight lines have high guiding accuracy and good motion stability. Equipment in the operation process, due to the processing parts in the processing will produce a large number of corrosive dust and smoke, the base of these smoke and dust long-term large deposits in the rail, linear axis surface, the equipment processing accuracy has a great impact and will form a corrosion point on the linear axis surface, shorten the service life of the equipment. So clean the CNC fiber laser cutting machine rails every half month. Shut down the machine before cleaning.

Daily Maintenance of CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The screw, coupling fastening

After a period of work, the motion system in the motion connection screws, couplings will be loose, will affect the smoothness of mechanical movement, so in the operation of the CNC fiber laser cutting machine to observe whether the transmission components have noise or abnormal phenomenon, found problems to be timely strong and maintenance. At the same time, the fiber laser metal cutting machine should be used to strengthen the screws one by one with tools over time. The first sturdiness should be made about one month after the equipment is used.

Light road inspection

The CNC fiber laser cutting machine’s optical path system is by the reflector reflection and focuses mirror focus jointly completed, in the optical path focus mirror there is no offset problem, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, the possibility of offset is greater. Although usually will not be offset, it is recommended that the user before each work to check whether the optical path is normal.

1. Every other week must check the X-axis rail and screw, Y-axis rail and screw, Z-axis rail and screw oil filling situation to maintain the lubrication of the various moving parts, extend the service life of X, Y, Z-axis rail and screw. According to the workshop environment situation irregular (at least once in a month) to check the surface of the mirror and focus mirror pollution, timely cleaning of optical lenses to ensure its service life.

2. Regularly clean up the pumping mouth of the debris, to ensure the effect of pumping.

3. Regular inspection of the filter in the air road, timely exclusion of water and debris in the filter.

4. Regularly check the travel switch bracket and bump bracket screw is loose.

5. To timely clean the electrical control cabinet ventilation fan filter screen dust, to ensure good ventilation, in order to facilitate internal electrical components cooling.

6. The bed in a timely manner to clear the guide rail protection in the leather cavity debris, so as not to damage the rail, thereby extending the service life of the rail.

7. The machine is installed, the use of a period of time, the level of the machine should be readjusted to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine tool.

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