How to Operate Procedure of Laser Cutting Machine

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1. Before use, please check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the machine's rated voltage to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Check whether the exhaust pipe is located at the air outlet to avoid blocking air convection.

3. Check whether there are other foreign objects in the machine table.

Operation steps of laser cutting machine

1. Fix the cutting material. Fix the material to be cut on the worktable of the laser cutting machine.

2. Adjust the equipment parameters according to the material and thickness of the metal plate.

3. Select the appropriate lens and nozzle, and check before starting to check their integrity and cleanliness.

4. Adjust the focus. Turn the cutting head to the correct focus position.

5. Check and adjust the nozzle center.

6. Calibration of the cutting head sensor.

7. Choose a suitable cutting gas and check whether it is intact.

8. Try to cut the material. After cutting the material, check whether the cutting end surface is smooth and check the cutting accuracy. If there are any errors, please adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the proofreading meets the requirements and is acceptable.

9. Program the drawing of the workpiece, make corresponding layout, and import the equipment cutting system.

10. Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting.

11. During the operation, the staff should always be present and carefully observe the cutting situation. In an emergency, they should respond quickly and press the emergency stop button.

12. Check the cutting quality and accuracy of the first sample.