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ZHONGRUI MACHINE TOOL, also known as RAYMAX, is an intelligent press brake and laser solutions provider integrated R&D, production and marketing at one, has over 10,000 square meters production workshop and 1000 square meters super office building. The company was built in 2002.

Join us, for

1. Strong and professional R&D team: R&D center owns over 20 researchers, invest millions of R&D funds each year, to provide better, updated, high-quality products;

2. Professional marketing team, SEM、B2B、SNS global online promotion support;

3. Participate in relevant exhibitions in major countries every year and make promotion together;

4. Provide product and marketing support;

5. 16 languages support, 24h*7 online services;

6. Provide local markets with long-term marketing staff and customer service engineers support;

If you are interested, please contact us without hesitation:

China Tel: 0086-555-6767999


Validity period of this announcement: 2019.03.07-2019.12.31.

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