Precision Powder Metallurgy Compacting Hydraulic Press

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Technical Features

1. Four columns are made of high-strength quality round steel with surface hardened via high-frequency treatment, and electroplated after grinding. Good abrasion resistance is guaranteed.
2. Production efficiency is high with fast falling speed of the moving bolster.
3. Pressure, stroke and pressurizing time can be adjusted according to processing requirement.
4. Designed with PLC programming circuit and touch panel operating system. Easy and convenient to operate.
5. Optional configuration: protective shielf, LED lighting and infrared grating, etc.

Hydraulic Power Press Machine for SaleProduct Application

  • Producing the Powder Metallurgy Parts

  • Producing the cosmetic ,pharmaceutical industries parts

  • Producing the Iron-Base & Non-Ferrous- Base Sintered Structural Parts

  • Producing the Ceramic & Cermet Parts

  • Producing the Carbon & Carbide Parts

  • Producing the Magnetic & Self – Lubricating Parts

  • Producing the Stainless & Alloy Parts

  • Producing parts for Automobile & Machines

  • Producing parts for Aircraft & Aerospace

  • Producing parts for Atomic ReactorsHydraulic Power Press Machine for Sale