Advantages of Fiber Lasers for its Future Permeability in Leading Industries

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Fiber lasers have the advantages of good output laser beam quality, high electro-optic efficiency, wide range of work materials, low comprehensive operating cost and other technical and economic performance. Compared with CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have higher conversion efficiency and lower use cost. According to calculation, the use cost of fiber lasers is 23.4RMB per hour, the use cost of CO2 lasers is 39.1RMB per hour. Fiber lasers have higher power, efficiency and are free to adjust or maintain. Otherwise, its permeability has wide advancement.

Fiber lasers are commonly sorted by types of optical fiber materials, number of laser output wavelengths and output characteristics. According to types of optical fiber materials, fiber lasers can be sorted into crystal fiber lasers, nonlinear optical fiber lasers, rare earth doped fiber lasers and plastic fiber lasers.

Fiber lasers are widely used in industrial processing, fiber communication, entertainment, military weapons and aerospace. Sorted by output power, working methods, wave band and doped rare earth elements, there are over 100 kinds of fiber lasers to meet specific demands of industry appliance. For example, the middle infrared band is safe to human eyes and can be absorbed greatly in water, so that it is an ideal medical laser illuminant. Er-doped fiber is able to open fiber communication for its suitable wave, therefore it is widely used in fiber communication area. Because of visible characteristic, green laser is indispensable in entertainment and projection.