YAG Laser Cutting Machine Construction Work Process

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Xenon lamp-pumped laser that is laser xenon lamp-pumped laser crystals (YAG) laser-generated. It is the US scientists Maiman (T.H.Maiman) Photocatalytic success in 1960. In 1961, China and other older generation of scientists led by Wang Daheng also successfully developed a solid ruby laser device disposal. In 1965 the first YAG laser in use. Wherein, Nd: YAG crystal is the most comprehensive performance excellent laser crystal, laser wavelength of 1064nm, widely used in military, industrial and medical industries.
YAG Laser Cutting Machine Construction Work Process
YAG laser cutting machine has the following advantages
1. Laser cutting speed, low distortion, high cutting precision.

2. Capable of cutting, cutting equipment installed Ge simple at room temperature or special conditions. For example, the laser light passes through the electromagnetic field, the beam does not shift; laser in vacuum, air and a gas environment can implement, and through glass or transparent beam of material for cutting.

3. After the laser is focused, high power density, high power devices in welding, aspect ratios up to 5: 1 up to 10: 1.

4. Can be mini-cutting. After focusing the laser beam can be obtained by a very small spot, precision positioning, and can be used in the high-volume automated production of the micro, small precision cutting element. Not only the production efficiency is greatly improved, and a small heat-affected zone, slit pollution, greatly improving the quality of the cut.

5. The laser beam is easy to realize the beam splitter according to time and space, capable of multi-beam processing and multi-bit processing, a more precise cut provided the conditions.

6. Construction work process clean, safe, pollution-free.

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