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IPG Closed Type Board 4KW Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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Incredibly fast and flexible, the RAYMAX 4KW fiber laser cutter for sale is ideal for ultra-high speed cutting of thin sheet materials. It has the ability to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and pipe while maintaining low cost operation.


Features of 4KW fiber laser metal cutting machine

1.To meet the user round pipe, square tube, oval tube cutting and variety of special-shaped products processing.

2. Can be cut in the main tube in a number of different directions, different diameter cylindrical intersectiIPG Closed Type Board 4KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

ng line hole to meet the branch pipe axis and the tube axis eccentric and non-eccentric vertical intersection , tilt the intersection of the conditions.

3. Can be cut at the end of the tube oblique cut end.

4. Small focus point, fine cutting line.

5. Simple and friendly human-computer interaction, modular design, automatic identification of solidworks files, automatic loading of 3d cutting path, automatic sequencing.

6. Gantry structure high damping workbench, extrusion forming aluminum alloy beam which can bear high speed and acceleration.

7. With modern industry's leading platform switching device. Can achieve 10 seconds, double platform swaps.

fiber laser metal cutting machine 

Standard Equipment of 4KW fiber laser metal cutting machine

● Cypcut laser cutting system 

● IPG 4000W  Laser Resonator

● Automatic Double Pallet Changer(Shuttle Table)

● Precision Rack & Pinion Drive System (Made in Germany)

● Radan or Lantek CAD/CAM system

● Light source

● Chiller

● 3 lower protective lenses

● 3 Ceramic Nozzle Adapters

● Auto-calibrated nozzle system

● Lens with 5.9” Focus Length

● Smart Slag Collection System/ Chip Conveyor

● Fiber Beam Transmission System (Fiber Cable)

● Operates with both N2 and O2 (cutting) gases

● Home Position Alignment System

● Auxiliary Gas Selector

● Auto Reflection Warning

● Working Lights

● Chuck

● 5 Nozzles each of the Following: (1.0mm, 1.2mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm , 2.5mm , 3.0mm)


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